Park Locations

City Parks

Barnard Clarkson & Military Playground, Gazebo, Restrooms
Buch Luther & Donna Playground, Ball Field
Buckridge Downing & Birchwood Playground, Picnic Area
Christensen Field 16th & Ridge Road Playground, Softball Field, Baseball Field,
Batting Cage, Restrooms, Dump Station,
Camping, Horse Arena, Senior Center,
Multi-Purpose Building, Bocce Courts, Soccer Fields
John C. Fremont 9th & Broad Picnic Area, Summer Concert Series, Playground
Clemmons 16th & Luther Sled Hill, Playground, Picnic Shelter, Dog Park,
Restrooms, Baseball Field, Sand Volleyball,
Batting Cage, Soccer Field, Trails, Arboretum
Davenport Linden & Davenport Playground, Picnic Shelter, Restrooms, Softball Field, Dog Park
Fremont Rotary 5th & K Playground, Picnic Area, Gazebo, Restrooms,
Basketball Court, Handicapped Playground
Hormel SW of City 1/2 Mile Trails, Canoeing, Fishing, Arboretum, Picnic Area
Johnson Military & Johnson Rd Picnic Area, Splash Station, Canoeing,
Arboretum, Trails, Fishing, 9-Hole Disc Golf, 8/10's of a mile Concrete Walking Trail, Soccer Field, Restrooms
Masonic Hwy 30 & Main Playground, Picnic Area
Memorial Lincoln & Military Picnic Shelter, Softball Fields,
Restrooms, Tennis Courts, Football Field
Miller South M Playground, Picnic Area, Softball Fields,
Restrooms, Skate Park, Splash Pad,
Horse Shoe Court
Milliken Wyoming Ave. Playground, Soccer Field, Softball Field
Moller 750 S. Broad Playground, Picnic Area, Baseball Field
Monnich South Broad Picnic Area, Archery
Horse Arena 16th & Ridge Road Picnic Area, Camping, Horse Arena,
Ronin 17th & Somers Playground, Picnic Area, Softball Field, Restrooms
Swimming Pool, Splash Pad, Basketball Court, Tennis
Courts, Baseball Field, Sand Volleyball Court
Ruwe 5th & Howard Playground, Picnic Area, Handicapped Playground,
Restrooms, Splash Pad, Basketball
Van Anda Linden & Pebble Playground, Picnic Area, Handicapped Playground,
Restrooms, Basketball Court
Wildwood SW of City 1 1/2 Mile Trails