Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)

Public Cooperation Information
Stormwater from our community is transferred directly from our inlets and ditches to our lakes, streams, and rivers. Stormwater effectively accumulates and transfers pollutants. 

Sources of these pollutants include:
  • Changing motor-oil on impervious driveways
  • Improperly disposing leftover paint and household chemicals
  • Lawn-chemicals
  • Leaking trash containers
  • Littering
  • Operating vehicles that leak fluids
  • Pet-waste
  • Washing cars on pavement
Collaborative Effort
Citizen cooperation is necessary to ensure that the City of Fremont is doing its part to make our nation a beautiful and safe place for future generations.

The following links provide information about runoff pollution sources and the necessary steps needed to avoid the spilling of these pollutants into our streams and rivers:
 Nebraska H2O Program  U.S. EPA NPDES Stormwater Program

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To report any possible violations, please contact:
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