1. Animal Control

    Animal Control

  2. Building Permits

    Learn when permits are required, what they cost, and how to apply.

  3. Carbon Calculator

    Please take a few minutes to estimate your carbon emissions and take action by going on a carbon diet.

  4. Cemetery

    Find more information on Fremont's Cemetery.

  5. City Maps

  6. Pet Licensing

    View dog licensing requirements, fees, and deadlines.

  7. Fair Housing

  8. Fire

    Access information about services offered by the Fremont Fire Department, as well as fire safety tips that may help keep you and your family safe during an emergency.

  9. Fremont/Dodge County 911

    Communications Center

  10. Friendship Center

    View up-to-date information on classes, programs and events available for seniors.

  11. Handicap Permit

    Access rules and regulations regarding handicap permits.

  12. Housing

    Find out about affordable housing options and homeowner assist programs.

  13. Library

    Find information on the hours, programs offered, and services provided by the Keene Memorial Library.

  14. MS4 Public Information

    Learn about the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System as well as access Public Cooperation Information.

  15. Occupancy License

  16. Parks & Recreation

    Locate details on local sports and activities available from Fremont's Parks and Recreation Department.

  17. Planning / Zoning

    Find out more about land use administration, planning services, and transportation planning.

  18. Police

    Learn about the Police Department's divisions, community programs, and organization.

  19. Special Assessments

    Find current liens against a property for paving, water and sewer, etc. Also find current nuisance liens against a property.

  20. Street Department

    Access information about how the City of Fremont Street Department performs maintenance and repairs.

  21. Utilities

    Find information on the Utilities Department.

  22. Volunteer Opportunities

    Learn about various opportunities to volunteer in the community.

  23. Waste Transfer Station

    Access location, hours, fees, and guidelines for using the Waste Transfer Station.