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Special Programs & Services
Hearing & Visual Aids
Keene Memorial Library provides special materials and services for those with particular needs. We have a large collection of large print books and also a good collection of books on audio tape for the visually impaired. Also available to the visually impaired are audio enhanced video tapes, which use voice-over techniques to describe the action and scenery along with the personal appearance and facial expressions of the actors in the films. This makes possible enjoying a video along with sighted friends and family members.

Keene Memorial Library also supplies videos with closed-captioning for the hearing impaired.

More talking books and audio described videos are available from the Nebraska Library Commission. Your local library can help those who qualify to subscribe to these services and receive materials on a regular basis.

Adult Basic Education / GED - High School Equivalency
If you or someone you know would like to take the GED, are out of school and don't feel confident about your present skills or simply need a diploma to get a job or go back to school - call Metro Community College's Fremont Center at 402.721.2507 for more information. 

Keene Memorial Library also has GED study guides available to assist you.

English As A Second Language
English classes for foreign-born adults are offered in the Fremont area. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels are available. Call Metro Community College's Fremont Center at 402.721.2507 for more information. Keene Memorial Library has books on learning English available (as well as other language instruction materials on CD and video).

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