Meeting Rooms


The Keene Memorial Library has two meeting rooms that are available to non-profit groups on a space-available basis. The East Annex is a small annex on the east side of the library, and can comfortably hold groups up to about 25.

The Large Meeting Room is located in the main library building and can accommodate larger groups (up to 80 with chairs and tables). Both rooms are WiFi hot spots.

Check Room Availability
You can use this link to check availability for your event. We have 2 spaces available, the East Annex and the Large Meeting room. Select your Date and time and then click "Search for a Space" to see if it is available. If that time is reserved, it will be blocked in (reddish color).

If the time is available, then you may reserve the space by hitting the "Pick Me!" button on the space that you would like to reserve.

-Fill out all available information (must have email for notifications), select organization that is reserving the space. If your organization is not on the list, then you must add it.

NOTE: Organizations that are added will need to be approved before you can add to the application. Continue filling out the reservation, and use "No Organization" until you are notified that it has been approved. Then you can return and put the organization on the reservation.

You will receive an email notification when your reservation is approved/denied.

Day of the Meeting

  • Come in to the Circulation Desk to notify the Shift Manager of your arrival. The Shift Manager will open up the meeting room that you have reserved, check to see the room is in order before the meeting, and go over the form with you.
  • When your event is over, return the room as it was when you started, be sure you have all your belongings, and complete the top part of the form. Then notify the Shift Manager that the event is over and they will check the room to see if it is returned to the original set up, and then you will both initial that it has.

  • If you need assistance with this, please call and let us know.

    Contact Us

    For more information on reserving a room, contact the Keene Memorial Library at 402.727.2694