The Park Maintenance Division is responsible for the care and maintenance of 22 parks consisting of:

  • 1 Dog parkFootball field
  • 1 Regulation baseball field
  • 1 Running track
  • 14 Little league baseball / softball fields
  • 2 Football fields
  • An 8 field soccer complex
  • Christensen Field livestock and campground facility

Over 400 acres of park land, 110 acres of irrigated land are also maintained.

Mowing & Snow Responsibilities

The Park Maintenance Division is also responsible for mowing the city right of way around four city parking lots, 12 cul-de-sacs, and two highway overpasses.

During the winter, the Park Maintenance Division maintains and removes snow on 13.5 acres of city-owned parking lots, and 8.5 miles of sidewalks and bike trails.

Repairs & New Construction

Other duties of the Parks Maintenance Division include the repairs and construction of existing and new facilities.

These facilities include:

  • 1 Family fun pool
  • 1 Greenhouse
  • 1 Sled hill
  • 1 Traditional pool
  • 10 Shelters
  • 15 Park restrooms
  • 18 Tennis courts
  • 24 Flower beds
  • 3 City owned houses
  • 1 Frisbee golf course
  • 5 Storage buildings and numerous pieces of playground equipment

Currently, all of these are maintained by seven full-time employees and 3 seasonal employees working between the months of May and September. Two employees assist with maintenance during peak workloads.