Clemmons Dog Park


Clemmons Dog Park is located in Clemmons Park at 19th and Luther Road.

What is a Dog Park?
A dog park is a place where dogs can play off of a leash.

Is the park enclosed?
Yes! There are two gates that may be used for entering and/or exiting the park.

Is there an entrance fee?
No. However, the Fremont Parks and Recreation Department asks that citizens use the Mutt Mitts provided to clean up after their pets.

How are dog fights avoided?
Dog fights can occur. The most successful dog parks are the ones with an active user group. An active user group can reduce the risk of dog fights significantly. They step in and encourage or demand leashes or the removal of aggressive dogs.

Most dogs are not aggressive because they are not on their own territory. Redirecting the dog's attention at exactly the right moment can make all the difference.