School Programs


The Fremont Fire Department offers the following programs to local schools:
  • Play Safe, Be Safe (Kindergarten)
    A 6 to 8-minute video presentation, discussion
  • Sesame Street “Fire Safety Station” (K-1st Grade)
    Teacher manual and audio cassette – teaches fire safety using different suggested lessons, includes material that can be photocopied for students
    • Also available in Spanish
  • Puppet Show (K-2nd Grade)
    Firefighters and puppets teach fire safety tips, time flexible
  • Be Cool About Fire Safety (1st-3rd Grade)
    A 16-minute video presentation using music to teach children about smoke detectors, having an escape route, and other fire safety tips, this can be loaned out or presented by the Fire Department
  • Make the Right Call (2nd-6th Grade)
    A 10-minute video presentation teaching children when and how to call 9-1-1; approx. 30 minutes - includes bicycle and seat belt safety. Good for National Safe Kids’ Week
  • Let’s Rap Fire Safety (4th-6th Grade)
    A 22-minute video using music to teach fire safety. This video picks up where Be Cool About Fire Safety leaves off – these are fun, upbeat videos that can be loaned out or presented by the Fire Department
  • Striking Out With Matches (4th-6th Grade)
    A 13-minute video about a juvenile fire-setter and the results of his match-playing behavior (house fire) – this video can be loaned out, although it would probably be more effective if presented by the Fire Department along with some discussion regarding playing with matches and lighters
  • Smoke Detectives (5th-6th Grade)
    A 25-minute video presentation teaching children to recognize fire hazards in their home, this can be loaned out or presented by the Fire Department
  • Cooking Safety (7th-12th Grade - Home Ec)
    A14 minute video, stove top demonstration, discussion - generally lasts approx. 45 minutes, but can be adjusted

Child Oriented Campaigns

The Fire Department also welcomes the opportunity to read to small children or to speak to Fremont’s young people during career fairs. The following is a list of a few of the nationally recognized, child-oriented, campaign dates:
  • First week of February - Burn Injury Awareness Week
  • Third week of March - National Poison Prevention Week
  • May - National Safe Kid’s Week
  • May - National Emergency Medical Services Week
  • The week of October 9th - National Fire Prevention Week

Drill Videos

We also have a video called Drill Today - Survive Tomorrow! This video helps educate school staff members on how to conduct fire and tornado drills. It may be loaned out at any time. We also have a couple videos entitled Fire Drills - The Great Escape and Sparky’s Greatest Escapes that educate children on fire drills.

Schools interested in any of these are encouraged to contact us at 402.727.2688.
Fire pup at Clarmar School