Housing in Fremont

It is the main goal of the Fremont Comprehensive Revitalization (CR) Housing Rehabilitation Program to assist the low-income persons of this city in improving the health and safety of their living conditions through housing rehabilitation. It is also an important goal to increase the number of good, habitable dwelling units and improve the housing stock by providing forgivable loans to homeowners to rehabilitate their housing units. The program will prevent the spread of blight and its influence, provide assistance to those persons of the greatest need improve the availability and desirability of housing in Fremont, Nebraska, discourage the abandonment or neglect of residential dwelling units, promote continued home ownership, increase the attractiveness of existing neighborhoods and increase local employment. This program will be operated by the City of Fremont through its six (6)-member Housing Rehabilitation Board (FHRB).

This program is in compliance with the Fair Housing Act. The City of Fremont will comply with the following Sections of the Fair Housing Act and the regulations adopted in the plan.

Income Earned

Program income generated through the repayment of loans and interest earned will be used after the grant period to continue the housing rehabilitation program or other eligible HUD Housing Development activities, including housing reconstruction, down payment assistance for persons having incomes not greater than 80% of the median income of Dodge County as per City of Fremont’s Down Payment Assistance Guidelines; acquisition and demolition as needed for replacement housing. Further rehabilitation loans will be made to those persons having an income not greater than 80% of the median income of Dodge County and meeting all of the criteria that were previously set. Types of loans may include no-interest loans, deferred loans, etc. The type afforded the applicant will be determined by FHRB as called for in the program guidelines.

Additional information is available at the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District (NENEDD) web site. NENEDD administers this program for the City of Fremont.

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