Economic Development

Economic Development in Nebraska

Fremont, Nebraska, is poised for a bright economic future. Strategically located at the crossroads of major highway links to reach the downtown Omaha and Lincoln metropolitan areas in less than an hour, the community offers immediate access to big city amenities while retaining an independent rural community flavor.

The City of Fremont invests local LB840 funds for the purpose of attracting new industries and retaining or expanding existing businesses in Fremont. Funds are offered to businesses in the form of low or 0% interest loans and performance-based forgivable loans (grants), based upon creation of new jobs and investment in Fremont. Job creation criteria are detailed in the application. Businesses must provide matching funds for the project. 

The City of Fremont partners with the Greater Fremont Development Council who can be reached at 402.753.8126.

  1. Diversity
  2. Utilities
  3. Recreation
  4. Education

Fremont enjoys a diverse economic base with major employers in the areas of agribusiness, food processing, fabricated metal processing and electronics manufacturing. As the community looks forward to its economic future, this base will be strengthened by capitalizing on opportunities to link our existing industries to growth areas of the Nebraska economy. Fremont continues to grow with publicly owned land, zoned for business and light industry at Christensen Business Park.