Vendor Licensing


The City of Fremont City Council approved Resolution No. 2011-078 on May 31, 2011 outlining the requirements to vend within the City of Fremont city limits. Requirements are as follows:
  • Permit applications are available at the Police Department, 725 N. Park, 2nd floor. Application must be fully completed and returned to the Police Department for further processing.
  • Written consent of property owner (vending is not allowed in the City right-of-way)
  • Certificate of insurance, $1,000,000 with the City of Fremont named as additional insured
  • Sales tax permit if applicable (does not apply to produce)
  • State health inspection if applicable (applies to "cooked" foods)
  • United States Citizenship Attestation Form completed
  • $40.00 fee per location. No charge to change location however, permit needs current location
  • Valid for one year from date of issuance as long as all other requirements are fulfilled
  • Must have adequate parking available with proof of same
  • Setback requirements must be met (building inspector may verify)
  • No vending in Residential areas
  • No more than one street vendor permit will be issued per address, lot or location unless same are separated by at least 200 feet
  • No vending within one block or 200 yards of the following: Memorial Stadium and ball fields, Ronin Pool, Splash Station, Christensen Field ball fields, horse arena, main arena, Clemmons ball field
  • Not valid for John C. Fremont Days
  • Exemptions: Fireworks, Farmers Markets, JCF Days, activities at City parks or facilities approved by the City Council or Park and Recreation Board