Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The City of Fremont installed two dual-port level 2 electric vehicle charging stations in 2018.  One station is located at the Fremont Mall on 23rd Street and the other is located downtown in the parking lot on 5th and Park Streets.  The reports below reflect numerous data points from the charging stations. 

The City of Fremont is a member of the Nebraska Community Energy Alliance (NCEA).  The NCEA's mission is to build and promote advanced technologies for housing and transportation that save energy, reduce CO2 pollution and cut costs.  As a participant in NCEA grants, the data from Fremont's public charging infrastructure, as well as data from the individual electric vehicle incentive program participants is collected and analyzed and is available for viewing on NCEA's website: www.necommunity.energy.  

Nebraska Community Energy Alliance: Electric Vehicle Reports and Charging Station Reports

Fremont Electric Vehicle Charging Station Reports

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