Is there any way to get email reminders about due dates?
Yes! As part of our upgrade at the end of May, Keene Memorial Library is now able to send you an email reminder three days before your items are due. Stop by the Circulation Desk next time you're in to sign up for the email reminders.

You can also join Library Elf, an Internet-based tool for keeping track of what's due, overdue and ready for pickup. Users can keep track of one or more library accounts in one place and receive reminders (sometimes called pre-overdue or early notification). Reminders are sent when the user wants it -- before items are due (up to seven days advance notice, weekly notice or everyday reminders). For families or anyone who'd like reminders before an item is due (user-selectable number of days notice).
Elf is independently run and not affiliated with Keene Memorial Library (or any other school/library).

For more information or to sign up for Library Elf, click the link below.
If you have difficulty getting signed up for Elf, please send us a quick email at and we'll give you a hand.[More info about Elf...]

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