Before you buy a house, check it out!

If you are buying a house, check with the seller or your Realtor about the existing water service or private line. When was it installed? Have there been repairs? When the service is very old and made of a material that can corrode, the water service line may be deteriorated. If the water service line leaks, you are responsible for the repairs. Also, check that the required backflow devices are in place for boiler type furnaces, lawn sprinkler systems and on outside faucets. Devices on boilers require annual testing, lawn sprinklers require testing every 5 years. And the devices on faucets are non-testable. Please call the Water Department at 402-727-2613 to make sure that the test on these devices are up to date.

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1. Planning to be away for an extended period?
2. Before you buy a house, check it out!