Right-of-way Excavation, Asphalt, and Concrete Work


Anyone desiring to pour cement/asphalt or excavate within the City right-of-way shall first obtain a Cement, Excavation or Asphalt license. The following criteria must be met:


  • A $5,000 license and permit bond naming the City of Fremont. The bond must show the individual and the company name (example: John Brown and JB Co.) jointly and severally. Bonds that read DBA will not be accepted. Bond must show the type of business being bonded (example: cement worker). The bond must expire on March 31. The licensing period is from April 1 to March 31.
  • Registration fee of $25.00
  • Complete the United States Citizenship Attestation Form (PDF). It is not necessary to complete this form if a valid form is on file with the city.
  • A separate bond and fee is required for each type of license desired.

For an initial license or if the 60 day grace period for renewing a license has expired, an application must be approved by the City Council. Please download and fill out this application (PDF).

For a license renewal, please fill out this application (PDF) and submit it along with a copy of your current bond.
If you are a, licensed excavator, licensed cement worker or licensed asphalt worker, you may pull and pay for an excavation permit online. Simply fill out the form (online form), allow 24 hours for processing and use your credit card to pay for the permit.