Specialized Training


The Fremont Fire Department is a Nebraska Licensed Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Service. As well as serving the citizens of Fremont, we can be called upon, through our mutual aid agreements, to assist our neighboring departments in the treatment of a critically ill or injured patient.

In 2016 we had 16 EMT-Paramedics, 2 EMT-Intermediates, and 9 EMT-Basics on the career department.

Water Rescue Team

The Fremont Fire Department continues to provide personnel who support the Dodge County Water Rescue Team. Currently there are 17 members on the department who are an active part of the team.

Nine of these members are certified as Public Safety Divers, Level One, four as Public Safety Divers, Level Two; and four as Open Water divers. These divers are trained in water rescue and evidence and body recovery. The department also has an Ice Rescue Instructor on staff.

The Fremont area has vast amounts of water available to the public for ice fishing and other winter sports. As part of the Dodge County Water Rescue Team we identified the probability of being called to find someone that has fallen through the ice. Because of that, we undergo annual Ice Rescue Technician training. This entails knowledge of various through-the-ice rescue techniques that can be utilized to assist someone that has broken through the ice and cannot remove themselves from the frigid water.

Confined Space Rescue Response Agency

We currently are listed by several of the businesses in Fremont as their Confined Space Rescue Response Agency. This means we must be proficient in the use of specialized monitoring equipment, ropes, body harnesses, supplied air systems, air purifying respirators and be aware of any special hazards at each of the facilities.

This is not a designation to be taken lightly and it re-enforces the fact we must maintain our critical skills training. We have looked at various options to augment the training facilities currently available to us and have found a few to help fill the gap for now until we can develop our training facility in the future.