Recycling Opportunities

Recycling Center GraphicThe City of Fremont has FREE tree debris, clean cardboard and glass recycling on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Recycling is located on South Broad Street (Hwy 77), just North of the Platte River Bridge.

Here is what to expect when you arrive to the Tree Disposal and Glass Recycling site:

  • Individuals will be required to check in with city staff at the gate.
  • Trees go to the NORTH and glass goes to the SOUTH.
  • Individuals will be required to unload their own vehicles/trailers.
  • No bags or boxes allowed in the glass bunker. Glass only. Dump your glass into the bunker and take bags and boxes with you.
  • No trash allowed. Individuals contaminating either the glass recycling and/or tree debris may lose their privilege to return.

Types of glass that will be accepted include:

  • Glass food and beverage containers
  • All colors. No sorting required
  • Labels and caps can remain on the glass
  • Glassware, such as wine or pint glasses
  • Plate glass – all hardware, framing, casings and spacers must be removed

Types of glass that will NOT be accepted include:

  • No windshields
  • No ceramic, porcelain, or milk glass
  • No boxes or bags
  • No laminated glass
  • No mirrors

The City has partnered with Ripple Glass out of Kansas City to provide this free service. The City constructed the concrete bunker to house the recycled glass and Ripple arranges for a semi-truck to pick up the glass free of charge. Ripple works with a local Kansas City company that converts the recycled glass into fiberglass insulation and with a business in Tulsa, OK that turns amber glass back into bottles.

Ripple processes glass from all over the region, helping over 80 other communities keep glass out of their landfills while giving it the new life it deserves. For more information on Ripple Glass and how they got started, head over to their website at