Electric Generation

Lon D Wright Power PlantOverview
The Lon D. Wright Power Plant at First and Luther Road is the utility's power production facility, and it is staffed by three shifts 24-hours a day to provide our customers economical, safe, and reliable electric service.

The coal fired plant located on the east side of Fremont has three units producing 16.5, 22, and 91.5 megawatts respectively. Each year the plant uses approximately 370,000 ton of coal to produce about 620,128 megawatt hours of electricity. Its cooling towers can been seen each holiday season with its red and green lighting.

A gas peaking turbine generator was completed with commercial operation starting in the fall of 2003. This will serve Fremont's peak energy need through 2021.

About the Plant

Since 1895, the Department of Utilities has produced electrical energy for Fremont's residents, starting with our first electric light plant at Eighth and Park. At first electricity was supplied only for street lighting, and the plant operated from sundown to 11:00 pm.

The downtown plant first offered 24-hour service in 1907 and continued in limited operation until 1976.

About the Turbine Units

Numbering of the units is a continuation of the five units that were in existence at the downtown plant. Thus, number 6, 7, and 8 are units at this plant. Construction for Unit 6 began in 1955, with regular operation beginning in January, 1958. Permanent operation of Unit 7 began in September, 1963. Equipment purchases and construction were started in 1971 for Unit 8, with operation starting in September, 1976.

Units 6 and 7 were designed with natural gas as the primary fuel and coal as the backup fuel. Coal is the primary fuel for Unit 8, with natural gas as a supplemental fuel. With the gas shortage occurring in mid-1970, the operation has been using coal as primary fuel, with natural gas and propane used only for startup and flame stabilization.

When number 6 and 7 boilers operate at full capacity, they can convert 50,000 gallons of water per hour into steam at a pressure of 900 pounds per square inch and at a temperature of 910 degrees. At full load capacity the No. 8 boiler can convert 81,000 gallons of water per hour into steam at a pressure of 1,800 pounds per square inch and at a temperature of 1005 degrees.