Cross Connections and Backflow

A cross connection is defined as an actual or potential connection between a public water supply and a source of possible contamination or pollution. All properties have potential cross connections. This can lead to serious health hazards when a backflow condition occurs. Backflow can happen when the flow of water into your home or business is reversed by a sudden drop in pressure. Water pressure can suddenly drop because of heavy usage, fire hydrant use, or a broken water main.

You can prevent backflow, and contamination, from happening to your water supply by installing a backflow prevention device. Common backflow prevention devices include:

Hose Bib Vacuum Breaker

Hose bib vacuum breaker

Anti-Siphon Water Faucet

Anti-siphon water faucet

Pressure Vacuum Breaker-PVB

Pressure vacuum breaker

Reduced Pressure Zone - RPZ

Reduced pressure zone

Double Check Valve

Double check valve

Installing a backflow prevention device is not a fix-it and forget-it solution. There are testing requirements you need to follow. City Ordinance #5401 requires backflow prevention devices to be tested as listed to the right. Note: Hose bibs and anti-siphon faucets are not testable.

Testing Requirements

Annually Every 5 Years
Reduce Pressure Zone
Double Check Valve
Pressure Vacuum Breaker